GPU prices fall as Nvidia / AMD GPUs less than 50% higher than MSRP

It appears that AMD and Nvidia GPU prices in parts of Europe are declining, but it may take a while before they are back at MSRP.

Although getting hold of an Nvidia or AMD product, especially one that is brand new, has been challenging over the past year or so, there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel. It is possible that gamers and PC enthusiasts will once again be able to purchase graphics cards at MSRP once prices begin to fall, especially in parts of Europe, such as Germany.

Happily, it seems as though prices are dropping, getting closer to retail value each day.

Several recent reports, including one from Tom’s Hardware citing the German website 3DCenter that tracks GPU prices, indicate that Nvidia or AMD products are becoming more affordable. Comparing the retail value of nine different stores in Austria and Germany, the data shows that some graphics cards are now being sold at less than 50% over their MSRP value, indicating the industry has been on the decline since January. The downward trend could also be seen in other parts of the world.

Nvidia hardware is still somewhat more expensive than AMD’s, but that might be expected, particularly since it’s equipped with the Nvidia RTX 3090, which is one of the most powerful graphics cards on the market. Currently, the price of the 3090 is 34% above its suggested selling price, which will cost PC users $1,500.

On the other end of the spectrum is AMD’s RX 6900 XT, which sells for 24% over retail value and averages $999. The trend toward improving conditions is on the rise, but potential buyers may not want to celebrate too soon.

In the middle of 2021, GPU prices skyrocketed, but then fell sharply in the summer before rising again in the fall. Obviously, with this latest trend, we see that it could continue to decline, to the point where it reaches the MSRP baseline. However, the industry has seen it rise again previously.

As a result, it is easy to understand why people would want to stock up on a card now, while the price is at its lowest level in over a year. Nevertheless, the shortage of Nvidia or AMD graphics cards is expected to last until 2023, which makes it difficult for consumers to purchase one anyway. However, prices should gradually continue to fall over the next few months as energy prices rise and Crypto mining becomes potentially less profitable.

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