Bethesda teases new Starfield character


The team at Bethesda has announced a new character for the upcoming long-awaited RPG Starfield. Bethesda has mostly kept Starfield a closely held secret since its reemergence into the public consciousness last year, revealing only tiny little bits of information about the project. Now, thanks to a newly released video, we have been able to see one of the prominent characters that will surely appear throughout Starfield and that the player will be interacting with a great deal.

Bethesda released a short video on its YouTube channel revealing that a robot companion named Vasco would appear in Starfield. The Vasco robot will assist players as they venture out into the galaxy in what is sure to be a vast game world to play around in.

Besides showing off the in-game Vasco character model, the video in question also featured concept art that showed the robot in action.

Here is the full video showing off Vasco:

The first time Vasco was seen was in the trailer for Starfield from last year. However, Bethesda did not provide any details about the mysterious robot at the time, which caused many fans to wonder how the character might feature.

Bethesda Game Studios has confirmed through today’s video that Vasco is someone whom the player character will be heavily interacting with. You might as well get used to seeing Vasco now if you plan to play Starfield later in the year but don’t expect too many more details until possibly mid-summer at the earliest.

Those who haven’t already marked their calendars for Starfield’s launch date have until November 11, 2022, to get ready. It will only be available as an exclusive for the Xbox Series X and PC platforms once it is released following the gigantic $7.5 billion acquisition of ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda

According to what we have seen thus far, what is your opinion of Starfield? When do you think Bethesda will show off gameplay footage from the game for the first time and do you believe that it can possibly live up to the hype?

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