New Theory States Past, Present, and Future Exist Simultaneously

There exists a simultaneous existence of past, present, and future according to a recently proposed new theory.

Here is a fascinating concept. Can you imagine what life would be like if everything in it had been planned in advance? Even more insane, what if both your past and present are occurring at the same time?

According to a new concept known as the “block universe”, time does not exist as a continuous flow; rather, everything always exists simultaneously.

Professor Bradford Skow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests that if we viewed the cosmos from the top like a piece of paper, we would see time extending in all directions just as we perceive space at any given moment.

Perhaps our brains can only comprehend linear time because that is what we are able to comprehend with our human minds?

Let’s explore this fascinating new theory in additional detail and consider what it might mean for our lives.

Scientists have questioned how humans perceive time before.

In his theory of general relativity, Einstein first proposed the idea of unified space. He asserted that space-time is a manifold or continuous structure. These two components form a vector space of four dimensions. We call this “the block theory.”

According to Einstein, his theory explains the universe perfectly from a cosmic perspective. Accordingly, it is conceivable that a block universe exists.

This viewpoint is fully endorsed by Dr. Skow. Rather than believing that time passes and events vanish, perhaps we should consider the possibility that they coexist in different portions of space-time. However, we are stuck within this space-time block.

The time travel hypothesis has the potential to change the way we think about time travel if you consider it carefully.

It is impossible to just travel across time to alter it if this theory is correct. If your past, present, and future were all happening simultaneously, then “grandfather paradoxes” would not be possible.

It wouldn’t be necessary to make any significant changes. By traveling through time, you will only experience it as it is and has always been. A new theory that is equally controversial followed Dr. Skow’s new concept.

According to Dr. Julian Barbour, a physicist in the United Kingdom, the cosmos generated a mirror universe as the result of the Big Bang

“The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

Here’s something else: time reverses in this mirror realm. A person awakens from death, lives out their old age, and then waits until he or she is old enough to start a profession and attend school. What a strange concept!

But if it’s correct, this theory may provide a solution to some of the most challenging physics challenges we’re facing today.

Using the Big Bang as an example, what became of all the antimatter? What explains the direction of time? The block universe theory seems paradoxical, but it ultimately answers some of our most challenging physics questions.

Whenever we think about time, we think about entropy. Entropy refers to the degree of chaos and breakdown in a system that eventually leads to its collapse. All of life relies on it, from our bodies to our computers to motors. This means that entropy, which always rises exponentially, will destroy its own system.

A lecturer at Caltech, Sean Carroll, and a graduate student, Jennifer Chen, began to explore the concept of time from a different perspective. Through the lens of gravity, their exploration began.

Using Newtonian physics to analyze 1,000 particles, researchers found evidence for mirror universes.

There is much to think about and discuss regarding these new radical theories. However, if one of them is correct, it brings even more problems with it.

If time is ever-present, how can there be an evolution in the way we know it? If we exist as we are without the possibility of change, what is the purpose and meaning of life?

As such, temporal debates are inevitable. We don’t know if we’ll ever find answers, to say nothing of understanding them.


There is magic in not having the solution, but in seeking it out. Perhaps this is how we understand who and why we are.

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