Trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

STAR TREK: Strange New Worlds Trailer (2022) Teaser

Akiva Goldsman, Alex Kurtzman, and Jenny Lumet are developing the show for Paramount+.
As well as live-action Star Trek series, Discovery and Picard, Paramount+ also carries the animated series Lower Decks and Prodigy.
A prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series, Strange New Worlds will star Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, who led the crew of the legendary USS Enterprise prior to the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk that we all know and love.


Star Trek: Strange New Worlds


As Number One, Rebecca Romijn will reprise her role, while Ethan Peck will reprise his as Spock. Bruce Horak will portray Aenar officer Hemmer, while Babs Olusanmokun will portray doctor M’Benga, Jess Bush will play nurse Christine Chapel, Celia Rose Gooding will play cadet Nyota Uhura (who, like Spock, is a young version of TOS’s cadet Uhura), and Jess Bush will play nurse Chapel. In addition, Christina Chong will portray La’an Noonien-Singh, a close relative to perhaps the most famous Star Trek villain, the genetically enhanced superhuman Khan Noonien Singh (originally performed by Ricardo Montalban in the original series and in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, and again by Benedict Cumberbatch in 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness).

There are not many plot details available for Strange New Worlds.

According to the creators, the show will not be as dramatic or intense as Discovery. There will be a greater emphasis on episodic adventures as in the original series. However, some plot threads are likely to persist.

Despite the fact that Pike will explore new worlds and alien cultures, there are bound to be some crossovers from other series, given the abundance of familiar faces from the Star Trek universe.

Whether the series succeeds or fails depends on the fan response.

Because of all the ties between the show and the original, it’s under a lot of pressure to live up to that franchise’s glory days. Whether this goal can be achieved remains to be seen, but the trailer certainly suggests the studio is embracing fun new horizons and delving deeper into a character who is finally able to take the limelight.

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