Alien 5 is Officially Happening, Fede Álvarez to Direct

The original Alien was directed by Ridley Scott in 1979 and has since gone on to become a sci-fi horror epic, spawning countless sequels, novels, comics, and video games.

While Scott’s more recent vision for the franchise leans more towards exploring artificial intelligence and the mystery surrounding the progenitors of humans in films like Prometheus and its sequel Alien: Covenant, the focus has shifted away from the iconic xenomorphs themselves.

The new Alien film touted by Uruguayan filmmaker Álvarez is said to be a return to the saga’s roots, containing an all-encompassing story about the famous extraterrestrial horror-inducing monsters themselves.

Federico Álvarez
Federico Álvarez is an Uruguayan filmmaker. He is known for directing Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe, as well as his short film Ataque de Pánico!


Since directing the original Alien movie, Ridley Scott has had a somewhat rough time with the franchise. While Cameron’s Aliens differed greatly from Scott’s vision, he appreciated it nonetheless. In the wake of Alien 3, Scott voiced disappointment and hasn’t talked publicly about Alien Resurrection.

Cameron and Scott once talked about making an Alien 5 movie together, but they lost their enthusiasm after seeing Alien vs Predator, or so the rumor goes.

Recent efforts in the Alien franchise by Scott were the two prequel movies, Prometheus and Alien Covenant, both of which were met with mixed reviews and showed that the iconic xenomorphs are not necessarily central to Scott’s vision of the franchise’s future.

alien xenomorph
The alien xenomorph, based on the design of artist H.G. Giger has captured the imagination of audiences since its inception in 1979 in the first Alien film.


Fede Álvarez, who recently gave us the suspenseful Don’t Breathe and the 2013 remake of Evil Dead, is an excellent choice to deliver the kind of sci-fi horror that made the original Alien such a resounding success.

Alien 5 won’t be connected with anything that came before, with Álvarez preferring a more self-contained story and as a result, can tell a distinct tale with original characters without worrying about the continuity of the xenomorph mythos that has been established in the other Alien films.

Interestingly, this project has something in common with the Alien series that is also in production. As for Alverez’s project, it is destined for Hulu, rather than the big screen. Since the FX network has also partnered with the streaming platform, both of these projects will be available on the site.

Although details about Álvarez’s original story remain far from public knowledge, just the premise of the film and his obvious enthusiasm for the source material stirs excitement about what it might become.

Álvarez is a self-proclaimed avid fan of the Alien films, which is the primary reason for his desire to direct one himself.

In numerous examples, films made by people who are dedicated and passionate about the original source material are some of the most beloved and their passion is evident in the final result.

Apparently, Álvarez first pitched his movie idea to Scott years ago. However, his plan was so good that 20th Century Studios reportedly decided to give him the remake based solely on his pitch, which included a compelling story and interesting characters.

Since 2022, the film industry has been overcrowded with big-budget blockbusters and expanded universes that often produce something that’s not in line with what audiences really want and franchise fatigue has definitely become an issue in Hollywood.

Thus, even though they may be liked by many, they are seldom loved. With Álvarez’s movie, he will no doubt try to break this trend, allowing the story to find its own identity and audience.

This horror-thriller centered around the terrifying xenomorph creatures would be the perfect take on the Alien series and would be exactly what fans have been craving since the original chest buster very literally burst onto the scene in 1979.

The filmmaker’s style, pacing, and eye for top-notch tension should fuel excitement for the film, which will be the first Alien movie helmed by someone other than Scott since Alien: Resurrection.

Regardless of the outcome, I think it’s great to see Disney utilizing these big IP franchises they acquired with the Fox merger, such as Alien 5, which will no doubt help Hulu build its streaming numbers with solid releases from the newly revitalized 20th Century Studios.

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