Aquaman star Amber Heard’s DC studio boss testifies against her

In 2018, Amber Heard starred as Mera in Aquaman, but she almost wasn't brought back for its sequel, according to a new report.

The ongoing–and very public–issues between Amber Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp have been unraveling for almost half a decade at this point and the animosity looks nowhere near abating. 

The two were wed in April 2015, but just 13 months into their marriage, Heard had filed for divorce and obtained a temporary restraining order against the star. 

The actress alleged that Depp had been verbally and physically abusive to her throughout their marriage, while Depp countered her claims that the accusations made by Heard against Johnny, came about as a result of Heard receiving “negative media attention” following her divorce filing.

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Stormy Case

After his libel suit against the British tabloid newspaper The Sun for publishing a story that branded him as a “wife-beater,” Depp resigned as Grindelwald from the Fantastic Beasts franchise shortly thereafter giving up the role to Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen famous for such shows as Hannibal and Star Wars: Rogue One. That libel case would go on to be lost for Depp. 

While Warner Bros. was criticized for not recasting Heard’s role of Mera for Aquaman 2, the studio decided to keep Heard in the movie to some dissent from fans who believe that Depp has been treated unfairly by the actress.

In early 2019, Depp filed a defamation suit against Heard, accusing her of making false claims about “abusive relationships” in a Washington Post op-ed. According to Depp, it was Heard, and not he, who was the abusive one in the marriage, and the constant allegations were an elaborate hoax designed to boost Heard’s ailing reputation.

Fairfax County, Virginia, held its first trial of the case this month.

The President of DC Films is called to testify against Amber Heard

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are engaged in a defamation case this week.

DCFilms Hamada Header

According to a report from Puck News, DC Films’ president Walter Hamada testified during a “three-hour deposition” about Heard’s appearance in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. She was eventually brought back for the March 2023 release, but initially, her option was rejected.

The initial decline was the result of chemistry issues with the leading man, Jason Momoa, as Hamada revealed in his testimony. Momoa and Heard have had issues in the past that have been publicly discussed.

While Heard was brought back for the sequel, in a 2018 opinion piece she accused Warner Bros. of reluctantly bringing her back due to the ongoing Depp scandal.

According to Heard, she has been directly harmed financially because of the Depp case and has been unable to book “additional lucrative roles or endorsements” for this reason.

In her current counterclaim, Heard is seeking an eye-watering amount in the neighborhood of $100 million.

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