Elden Ring player beats game without attacking any enemies

Elden Ring is a notoriously difficult game, just like the rest of FromSoftware’s legendary Souls catalog. Players must overcome a wide range of treacherous hazards and lethal enemies in order to complete Elden Ring.

Player characters can be killed by these hazards and enemies with relative ease, so constant vigilance is necessary to navigate the brutal world.

If players hope to overcome the many enemies that roam the Lands Between, it is crucial to find and level up appropriate equipment. Despite this, some players have deliberately avoided this aspect.

In order to see if it was possible to complete Elden Ring without attacking anyone, Iron Pineapple decided to do a test. It turns out, it is possible but is by no means easy.

This video from Iron Pineapple explained how they successfully pulled off their Elden Ring pacifist run. Although the player must kill the Elden Ring bosses in order to complete the game, the player does not have to deal direct damage to them, making this challenge still viable.

It is imperative for most Elden Ring players to access powerful weapons and spells to defeat all the enemies and bosses, however, if you are attempting a pacifist run, as it is now called, you will be relying on various summons available to you.

Players of the Elden Ring can use powerful summon spells to call various creatures and allies to their aid in the notoriously tough battles the game throws at them.

While these summons are generally designed and balanced as a support function and not take over all the work for you, as Iron Pineapple has shown, it is possible to have them take down bosses for you.

As shown in the video uploaded by Iron Pineapple, the spirits are capable of defeating all Elden Ring bosses on their own.

During the Elden Ring’s pacifist run, you will need to build a tremendous amount of Faith so that you can effectively support your summons during the tougher encounters. Anyone wishing to try to replicate Iron Pineapple’s incredible pacifist run will need Heal, which is one of the starting spells of the Elden Ring Prophet class.

In terms of gameplay, beating Elden Ring as a pacifist is an unconventional challenge, but it’s not the only one. There have been Elden Ring players who have beaten the game without even taking a single point of damage, which is rather remarkable, especially when considering how challenging it is to just play the game normally with all the tools available.

Elden Ring fans will likely have new challenges to face in the future. While FromSoftware has not yet announced plans for any Elden Ring DLC expansions, with the meteoric success the game has seen so far topping gaming charts on all platforms fans are hoping more adventures in the Lands Between could be coming at some point in the very near future and we can expect more unorthodox challenges like Iron Pineapples to follow shortly afterward.

Elden Ring is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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