Mass Effect 4 may see Commander Shepard return to the series.

Jennifer Hale hinted at the possibility of returning to the franchise for Mass Effect 4 during an appearance at the British Academy Games Awards.

With the confirmation of Mass Effect 4, the next installment in the hugely popular Mass Effect series, fans are eager to see what’s in store, especially in light of speculation that it will return to the original storyline in a way that Andromeda actively departed from.

Rumors have swirled about whether Commander Shepard will return in Mass Effect 4. Now, one of the people who brought the character to life has spoken about the possibility.

Mass Effect’s original trilogy is considered one of the greatest single-player RPG’s ever made and Commander Shepard is one of the most popular characters ever to grace the gaming scene.

With news that Mass Effect 4 is indeed in production, fans are now wondering if the hero of the first trilogy is set to make their return in Mass Effect 4, given that he/she was the protagonist of the series’ first three games and with the knowledge that this sequel will look to distance itself from the soft reboot that was Mass Effect: Andromeda which was poorly received by fans.

Who is your Commander Shepard?


As players can choose whether the hero appears as a man or woman in the Mass Effect games, Commander Shepard actually has two voice actors. Jennifer Hale who voices “female Shep” recently addressed speculation about whether she intends to return to the series and will voice this incredibly popular character again.

While attending the British Academy Games Awards, Hale answered a fan’s question regarding a possible return to Mass Effect as Shepherd. Her response was initially greeted with a laugh, and then she responded and clarified that it would ultimately be up to the fans whether or not she returned.

In her opinion, fans should let BioWare know their feelings if they want her to return as the iconic Mass Effect character. “I would love it and I think Mark would too,” she explained.

That was as much as Hale was willing to delve into the subject. This might be slightly disappointing but it’s also likely that she doesn’t know more despite us all wanting more concrete answers. Still, there are a number of hints to be drawn from her response.

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So far, it doesn’t appear that either she nor Mark Meer (who voices the male Shepard) has been asked to reprise their roles. Also, it is possible she is playing coy so as not to reveal information that BioWare and EA do not want us to know yet.

In regards to Mass Effect 4, fans have raised a lot of questions as well as some very real concerns, especially since Mass Effect: Andromeda seemed rushed and uninspired compared to its predecessors. We can only hope that BioWare provides some specific answers about this highly anticipated next game in the series in the near future.

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